Master Tailor

Client and Tailor are both crucial elements for the accomplishment of perfection: the beauty of a bespoke tailored suit. As the alchemist transformed common metals into gold, the Master Tailor transforms a flat element into a 3-D suit. A still element into a dynamic mastercraft that will transform and change with its owner. A great Master Tailor will enhance the potentials of the materials he works with, and above all, will enhance the elegance of the Client.


In the Sartoria Tirana Bespoke the Client will be able to see realized  his own idea of elegance.


“The suit must reflect the personality of the wearer”, this is the quintessential idea of Master Adrian Sulo. No matter whether you are a Head of State, Royalty or a simple citizen, the elegance, expressed through his suits, will become part of your being.

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